Saving pics

I think I bought the wrong discs, but I’m not sure. I bought TDK CD-R80 to write all my photos to because my computer is overloaded with pics (I do a lot of photoshop). I can’t get any photos to save to these discs, but documents do fine. If I bought the wrong discs, what kind should I buy when I go back to the store?

Please explain why you cannot burn pictures to this disc. What program are you using?
What error message do you get?

I’m using Windows XP & it doesn’t really give me a reason. It just says that there has been an error in the writing process & the disc may no longer be usable. There is about 640MB of free space & I was able to write 1 pic on a disc & on another disc I was able to add around 40MB of pics. Some discs are holding a small amt. of photos- could it be a manufacturing problem?


I strongly suggest using a real CD/DVD burning application instead of Windows own CD writing engine.
If there wasn’t any Nero or Roxio software that came with your drive or computer, then I recommend the free ImgBurn software.