Saving original source pictures to disk - Nerovision

Below is a list of Slideshow features in Nero7 from the Nero website. Does anyone know how to make the last bullet point work (Save all source pictures to disc)? I can’t find any options to make this happen.


  • Add several MP3, MP4 (HE-AAC), WAV audio files and playlists as background music to one slideshow
  • Photo imaging including cropping, visual effects, color corrections, quality enhancements
  • Add captions and position them freely
  • Turn pictures in 90 degree steps easily
  • Add customizable transition effects and apply manually or at random
  • Match duration of slideshows to duration of background music
  • Full screen preview
  • Save all source pictures in their original resolution to disc. HTML index pages are created automatically to organize the pictures

Found it - after creating a slideshow there is a drop down menu under the display window showing ‘add’ Nothing / originals / HTML index