Saving original slideshow jpg files to DVD - Nero VisionExpress 3

I have recently installed the update to NeroVision Express However I cannot find the option anywhere in this version which will allow me to save the original source .jpg files used in a slideshow into a separate folder on the DVD. I know the previous version allowed me to do this, as I have a number of DVDs which include the extra folder.

Has this option been removed? Is it new bug? Any assistance or suggestions gratefully received.

This feature was added a few versions ago, I will check into this matter and post an update on this.

The option will be back in the next version of NVE, the option was not forgotten it was an issue with one of the picture formats.

Thanks for looking into this and posting a reply. Can you advise when the next release is scheduled to come out?

Also, would I be able to go back a version by re-installing the previous download update? Will this cause any installation issues as I will be updating / overwriting a more recent version ie not the normal direction for an upgrade?

Unfortunantly I do not know when the next release will be out, all I recommend is keep checking the download page.

The next release of Nerovisionexpress is now out - but this still does not seem to include the original functionality to allow original jpg files to the DVD. Is the functionality ever going to be re-introduced, or do I need to go and look for another software package which will allow me to do this. It does not seem to be too difficult a function to implement in the grand scheme of things - simply creating a folder and copying source files to it - why is it proving to be so difficult for Nero to do this?

Is this functionality ever going to be included again? There have now been several updates of the product since March, but as far as I can see this ability to store the original .jpg files on the DVD has not been re-introduced.