Saving MP3 Downloads



I sometimes log onto a site that allows me to lownload an MP3 file. My Question is how do I save this file onto my hard drive. I download it into Windows Media Player and when I do a “save as” nothing happens. The download site states that I can use these files for my own use.


Check the windows meadia player setting go to tools/options/file types
and uncheck mp3 if it is checked.
It should then open a download window instead of the windoz mediaplayer when you download from the site.
If that does not work what site are you downloading from.


I also think while it’s playing you can go to File and Save As…I used to do that.


I have found that at some sites that allows me to download MP3 files I can right click on the title and do a save at that point. This seems to work at least part of the time. Thanks for your replys.