Saving Movie In The Hard Drive Without Loss Of Quality

How do you save the movie on a hard drive without compressions, no loss of quality at all? I know this is a dumb question

Use DVD Decrypter, it’s free.

But actually any ripping software will do this, there is no compression applied when ripping to the HD.

If you are using cloneDVD2 then click on the clone DVD panel and at the next screen choose DVD-9 instead of the default DVD-5

Use DVD Decrypter, it is the best of the best :iagree:

The best of the best what? Best of the best, DEAD, programs?

Just because it’s not going to be upgraded anymore, you call it dead? :bigsmile: - as yet, it’s still the best free ripping/decryption utility, and a fine ISO burner.

I only want to save the movie only files in the computer and DVD Decrypter really doesn’t do that much of a good job with movie only, so that is why I am asking how to save with CloneDVD2 on the harddrive without any quality loss

:confused: I do this all the time with Decrypter and all goes perfectly fine! Have you noticed this: menu tools > settings > file mode > “select files” drop down and choose “main movie”.

Then when you use the file mode and insert a disc, only files needed for the main movie are selected. Piece of cake. :bigsmile:

I love DVDD … or else use DVDFab Decrypter

I already did that plenty of times and it still gives me an error when I try to open it

When you try to open what? The disc? The files ripped on the HD? What error? :confused: There is probably an easy way to fix this, as so many users have no problem in ripping just “main movie” with Decrypter.

opening the files in the harddrives

With DVDShrink? Or another app?

must clear all your TEMP folder garbage and also Caches, History, Recent crap
use if you like

must give precise ERROR message

with Shrink and other programs that I tried to open with in the past

what is it doing wrong ? or is done better by another program ?

well for one thing, it doesn’t show the BUPs and IFO Files that it usually does, and I think that’s the problem why it doesn’t open, it really never works for me when it comes to movie only in the hard drive, I also got CloneDVD2 and I saved it in the hard drive and it worked for me good, but I just want to know, how do you save the movie only in CloneDVD2 without any quality loss, as in no compression in the hard drive?

OK I really don’t want to annoy you and I hope someone will reply to your question about CloneDVD2 soon. :slight_smile:

So don’t get mad at me because I try to understand the issue you have with Decrypter (as nobody else seems to encounter this problem :confused: ). When backing up only the “main movie” with Decrypter, no BUPS and IFO files are ripped because actually you don’t need them! Only VOB files are ripped and this is perfectly normal. You still don’t say what the error is…

Anyone about CloneDVD2 without compression? I don’t know this app.

If you want to use DVDD and keep everythign (IFO BUP VOB) you use FILE MODE (Go to the menu bar - go mode - then file) then rip all files

DVD Decrypter is nearly flawless. 99% of the problems people get with it are because they don’t know how to use it properly, not because it has any problems. To be honest, I don’t really mind to much that it isnt being updated. The new Sony protection is very rare even on new DVDs in the UK, and so it doesnt really need that much updating.