Saving more than 4.7 gig to hard disk with Nero

Hello I have been using Nero for a while now but have been having problems recently dealing with Dual layer disks and using files larger than what a standard single layer disk can handle.

At the moment I have a good quality Avi file that I wish to recode using Nero express 6. I begin as normal choosing to ‘make my own video’ adding the avi file and then get the usual warnings about if I wish to shrink the file in order to fit it on a standard disk. I do not so choose the option to save the recoded files to my hard disk. However after a long recode, the files are saved, but each time I see it only saves 4.7 gig worth of the movie file, trimming the end and making it incomplete.

My main question is how do I get Nero to save my file in it’s VIDEO_TS folder in it’s complete form, which should save around 6 gigs worth of data? (to fit on a dual layer disk.) I have looked at the options in nero but there seems very little choice in what to change apart from quality settings and where the file is to be saved.

Any suggestions appreciated :bigsmile:

I think its way easier to rip the flick from the REAL source.

Not an option as the original source is no longer available.

I would use the free dvdflick to recode. :wink: