Saving jpg's onto DVD - what software?

Please forgive the most stupid and basic question - but is there a way of saving my jpg pictures to a DVD as jpg’s without saving it as a PAL format or AVI or…etc? If so, what software will do this simply and cheaply. All the programs that I have seem to want to save the files as albums or in specail formats - all i want to do is save my data as I would to a CDR except on a DVD.

If using NERO, just burn as a DATA DVD. Select your .jpg’s in the compilation. That’s it. All you’re doing is burning the data onto a dvd. I believe that’s all you’re trying to do, right?

As ninbang says , create a data DVD. Nero or Roxio will do it fine.

Don’t know of any free ones that do it.

Thanks guys…I guess my problem is that I only have Nero 6 Express so I think that the full version is what I need?

No, you don’t need the full version. With Nero 6 Express, just burn as data disc.

Success!! I d/l’ed the latest update and it worked. Seemed I had’nt got the whole start smart tool configured properly.

Thanks for your help, I appreciate it. :slight_smile: