Saving image file to HDD with Nero 6

While using Nero express from Nero 6 and trying to burn a copy of a homemade audio CD using “copy cd” without quick copy, by loading image on hard drive first, it tells me a location of image file, but I can’t find it. I want to save it to HDD so I can later burn copies from hard drive and not from CD.

Any Ideas?


its pretty easy …

– Go to Nero Express
– Select Copy Entire Disc
– Now here choose destination drive as Image Recorder
– Burn … :slight_smile:

Hope that helps …

or on nero startsmart i think under “backup and copy” if you tuen advanced mode on it will have somthing like “make disk image”

What I am getting at is: If I burn a datat disk, Nero lets me save an ISO when I close out. I want to do something similar with a CD image.


cant you click “more” at the botoom and then click “save”

That would allow me to save tracks, but that is not the format I want. Perhaps I can use redirection to output the temp image file to another file.


untick delete image file after burning.

or if you do not want that,when the image is made,and it asks you for a blank disc,just copy the image made to another location,and you have it.

make a copy, then when it asks you to insert a new blank disk just do ctr+alt+del and close nero. then you have the image left.

I’ll try this and post back. but if I want to use that image to burn later, can I do it from express or would I use advanced program (nero 6) ?


in express go to “image or saved project”-open,no need for nero.

nero express can do most common tasks, only very advanced things need be done in nero.