Saving DVDs by region

OK here comes first daft question

I have to record a DVD for an assessment but I live in the UK and the exminer is in the USA so my question is

how do i ensure that my DVD is saved as region 0 or 1 so the examiner can read it in the USA?


The easiest solution to solve this problem is to save the disc as a region free, so every player should be able to read it.

In my opinion, however, your main concern should be not the region lock, but the video system. For example, in Europe the most common system is PAL, but in USA is NTSC. If the exminer has a player able to read both format then the problem is solved, else you must be sure to send the correct format :slight_smile:

If your examiner will watch DVD on computer only, than you do not have to worry about TV format.
But if he want to see it on US TV using stand alone player, than yes, NTSC will be required, unless he has a player that will play both format. Only few like that in North America.
As for region. Region Free is the way to go.