Saving Documents



I have a couple of questions…

I make alot of data disc’s to free up room on my pc.I also use Sonic burning software.I have some options how the data disc will save information.

Track at once open
Track at once closed
Disc at once closed

I normally choose disc at once closed.I use DVD+R discs,and It is a one time write anyway.I’m assuming that closed means you can not add any more data to the disc after it is burned.What is the difference between track at once closed,and disc at once closed?

I will give you an example of my next question.I have about 800 pc game manuals in pdf.form in a folder.I plan on putting these files on a data disc.

Before I take these files off my pc I would like to have a picture of just the name of the files in the folder for future reference.How can i do this without typing all the names of these file in a text document…Any advice is appreciated.


On the track at once formats,the burning laser turns on and off with each track.On the disc at once format,the burning laser stays on until the whole disc is burnt. I think the disc at once is best if you are not going to add tracks later.
Here are two free programs to print folders and file names.
Good luck.


Thank-you undine.I have been reading the many informative posts throughout the forum,and have learned alot.I read the Sonic manual to find answers,but it is not very discriptive.

Great links.Problem Solved!!!


You may want to consider getting an external hard drive for this kind of storage. Burning discs is fine, but they can sometimes fail. If you simply move the files to the external drive, then shut the drive off, it’s pretty secure and the drive will last a long time if it’s only on for a few minutes a week as you move files.
Keeping at least 2 levels of backup is a even better idea. In this case, that would mean having the hard drive PLUS copies on DVD.


CDan-Thats a good idea.That option never even crossed my mind.I only have 160gig drive that is partitioned into 2 separate drives.I was searching around on Newegg,and found a possible choice for a external drive.I have backed up 100’s of gigs to cdr’s,and dvd’s,and never had a problem.Don’t get me wrong,I’m sure we all have some coasters for the end table,but I also verify the information after burning the disc to make sure of integrity.It’s also important to stay away from the cheap media you find at most local stores.

External Hard Drive:

This has some good features,but a few cons I didn’t like.250gigs will work for my temporary storage and backup purposes.I will have do do some research.I do not use newegg reviews to base my decision when buying a product.Although,It does give you some perspective on the product.


Certainly a good price for a drive. I see that these drives install some backup software when you turn them on, if that bothers you you might want to take a closer look. Also take a look at specials at the stores, and consider firewire or dual-connect options.