Saving digital pictures on CD

I have 2 digital cameras and always save my hundreds of pictures on CDs. Those CDs can played on either a PC or a DVD player with no problem.

I just bought a 35 film (negative/slide) scanner so that I can covert thousands of slides into digital images that can be emailed or watched on any PC or TV.

But I have a problem. To my surprise, when I save those converted images as JPEG and burn a CD with them, the DVD player cannot play the CD, and I get this message: “Unknown disc”.

Why is that? Why can I burn and watch the digital images that were taken with a digital camera but cannot burn and watch the images that were converted into digital from film?

I called the scanner manufacturer today and the technician thinks (I don’t know if he’s sure about it) that I have to format the CD before burning those converted images.

Is that correct? If so, how can I do it and what’s the software for that? I do have Roxio and Nero. Do I need a special software for formatting the CDs?

I’ve never heard of formatting a regular CD :confused: yes you can format a CD-RW but not a
regular CD not that I know of anyway. You should be able to burn all of those converted
digital image pictures if they are in the JPEG format just like any of the other pictures at
least I would think so. Sounds a little like the disc isn’t closing out are you doing DAO or
(Disc At Once) or a session disc?

I am doing exactly the same I do when I save the original digital pics from a digital camera. A friend of mine is having the same exact experience.

I am very sorry. I just resolved the problem.

It seems that some of the images were inadvertently been saved in other formats and the DVD player could not read it.

Now everything is fine.

Gald to hear you got it all worked it out :clap:

Getit29, thank you so much for your responses. I do appreciate it.