Saving Data track from a disc to Hard Disk, Please Help

Hello All,

I am trying to save a Data track from a disc to an iso file on hard disk. My first question is -

  1. Is it possible to do such a thing using NeroSDK?

  2. I tried it with the following pseudo-code -

void *pCDStamp

niiTmp = NeroImportDataTrack(ndhDeviceHandle, 0, &pCDStamp, &pInfo, NIITEF_IMPORT_ISO_ONLY, &nidtrResult, NULL)

This is successful.

ndhImgRecorder = Open ImageRecorder

writeCD.nwcdMediaType = MEDIA_CD

//Make ISO from the NERO_ISO_ITEM tree returned by NeroImportDataTrack()


//Save Image to file on Hard Disk

int iRes = NeroBurn(ndhImgRecorder, NERO_ISO_AUDIO_CD, &writeCD,NBF_WRITE, 0, &npProgress);

When I burn the saved image file to CDRW, it only burns the directory structure but the the files themselves are not burnt. If someone could please explain this?

  1. When and how is the “pCDStamp” used ?

If someone could please point to relevant information or share their experience or help, I would be extremely grateful. Thanks a lot.


You may try setting writeCD.nwcdpCDStamp=pCDStamp in your code but I am not sure this will work. The original intention is to use the same disc for burning as was the one used for importing the data track. You are attempting to do a whole different thing with two recorders involved.

If this fails, you must wait for the next SDK that will include disc-to-disc copying.