Saving audio language and subs when replaying a dvd ? pls help



when playing a dvd it starts with chinese audio language and jap subs so i have to remove the subs and change the language to english everytime i start the dvd when stopping or turning off the dvd player it comes back to chinese audio and jap subs again how it c ould be saved so it will play with english audio language without subs without having to change tit everytime the dvd starts thank you very muchhhh


If you are using dvd shrink, in reauthor mode you can select starting language and subtitles.

Simply right click on title and select “Set default streams”

Then select language and subtitles you want


thanks for answering me but this is normal dvd not shrinked or something just ready to play i just bought and everytime it’s the same audi and subs that starts thnaks for your help


Sorry, I didn’t knew.

You can’t modify in any way pressed discs.

For what I know the only solution is doing a complete backup modifying settings with a tool like IFO Edit, so you can create a backup that start with the right language.

You can find guides on ifoedit here

But if you must anyway do a backup and you are interested only in main movie without menus or other contents, then dvd shrink is the tool for you.


thnaks for ansering me but the problem is when i play the dvd on the computer it always remebers the audio and the subs why it doesn’t on the dvd player


Maybe because standalones are more limited than the software that you use in your computer.

Check if in your standalone there are some options to select preferred playback languages.