Saving Audio from

Hey i was wondering how I can save audio from a site, like a stream of a radio show. Is there a program i can use?

Thanks a lot .

The free way is to use any program that can record to disk, and set the recording source to be “What-U-Hear”, “Stereo Mix” or possible WAVE, if that’s an available record source.

There are also some programs that can directly record a stream, or capture that audio data from the sound card - I’ve always gone the free & easy way!

What program can i use to record like that, i can’t do it with nero wave editor, cuz it doesn’t let me change the input.


Sure, Audition 1.5 will do that fine for u but u have to do this first:

  1. Set your input in Audition to your sound card
  2. IMPORTANT! In your XP audio properties set the audio properties of your mixer device to your sound card, and turn off the microphone under “adjust volume for recording” and select Wave out Mix. A volume balance box pops up for Wave Out Mix, tic the checkbox on the bottom of the dialog.
    3.return to wave edit window in Audition and click record, off ya go!
    I am trying to find other audition users so see a thread here titled Auditon thread starter. good luck!!!

if it is mp3 you might use streamripper with winamp to record the mp3 stream directly to your hd.
jet audio btw is a nice playing / ripping / burning software that is easy to use and it will let you rip streams, too.

You use the mixer application to change the input.

I now remembered, Total Recorder is the program which enables you to rip the soundcard feed digitally.

The other handy thing is a piece of (now hard to find) freeware callad Absolute MP3 Recorder - one of the few applications which DOES give you record input control from the application itself. - the main website no longer has it, but this one does - a vital piece of kit for simple recording tasks, also capable of timed recording.

a download link to Absolute MP3 Recorder is posted in this thread

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Thanks a lot
I really appreciate it.

Hi folks, :doh:

I see last entry in this Thread was back in 2004 … I am posting here to [B]WARN YOU[/B] people about [B]Mrs. Wizard “Absolute MP3 Recorder” by TechLogic [/B] and she claims it is a “Little Gem” and only 456KB …

Well, once you instsall the darn program you CAN NOT clean it from your darn hard drive. Anytime a software displays this kind of Trait … I would consider it a [B]“Spyware”.[/B]

G! :a