Saving an iso by ultraiso

Hi, I make an imagem with ultra iso that have 4gigas.
Now I made some change in some files but the size maintain the same.

When I make save it reduces the size of the iso to 1.5 gigas.

how can I prevent this to save with the original size?


Are you sure that you didn’t remove some big files, so resulting modified ISO is actually shorter than previous one?

what happens is that the file has 4 gigas but when i open with ultraiso it only have 1.6 gigas. even without any changes…why this happen?


:eek: It reduce dimensions also opening the file?

I’m confused: I have no idea what can be the cause, sorry :frowning:

this is the file:

this is when i open with ultra iso

why this happen

Did you create your ISO image with UltraISO by adding some files, or did you create the image directly from a DVD in your drive?

If you created your image by reading it off a DVD, then it’s possible that the DVD session contains a lot of unused space outside the file-system, and that’s why the image is so big when the files only make up a small part of it.

I’m not sure if there’s any way of keeping such unused space when saving the image, nor am I sure why you would want to. You can try to disable the option “Recompile ISO when saving directly” (Options => Save tab), but I don’t know if it will accomplish what you want.

I think if you check the “Enable ISO Volume filter” when you make the ISO image with UltraISO in the first place, your image would be only a little bigger than the sum of the files it contains.

ok thanks
problem solve

How did you solve it?