Saving a DVD to my HD as .avi or .mpeg

I have recently bought an Archos 704 Multimedia Player and although I can just copy some of my DVD’s directly over the Archos hard drive. Each movie is taking up at least 4gb. How can I encode the movie into a media file such as a .avi which would only take up about 700mb?

If your player supports Xvid as a codec, you can use AutoGK, which is very easy to use.

I’m using DVDx which is ok. It takes a couple of hours to do a DVD and at first the quality was poor and it was quiet. I’ve increased the resolution up to 640x480 and I have increased the bitrate setting from 192kbps to 256. Would this sort those problems out?

I’ve never used DVDx, but a video bitrate of 256kbps is far too low to be watchable at anything except low resolutions. Use AutoGK, which will allow you to set a target file size and will adjust the resolution and bitrate for you for optimal quality.