Saved Projects Missing



I use Nero 7 Premium (Reloaded) regularly.
Recently when I try to save an ongoing project whether it be music video compilations or whatever I’m having trouble accessing the saved project when I want to resume the project.
The saved projects have a file type/name of ‘File’ and nothing else whereas the others (which CAN be accessed) have nvc at the end of their file names.
Why can’t I access the files named ‘files’ and more to the point, why is this happening ?
Please see screenshots.
Also, the thumbnails/icons of the saved projects have changed to this.


.nvc are just listings of files, nothing else, nothing more.

You have removed them (files), so they are obsolete and useless.


What are you talking about ? I didn’t remove them.


Have you tried to add the .nvc file extension to the ones you should be able to open? (By just trying to rename the files in Windows Explorer).


By renaming it to what ?


Well, if I remember correctly, you can go to rename the file, for example…


…which would show up as a FILE, to …


… and once you add the .nvc to the file name, the saved project data might be accessible again.

If it’s not, open up Nero and try to save a fake project. Take a screenshot of the “Save” dialog (the point where you’d enter the file name you want) and post it here, please.


OK thanks.


[QUOTE=Robert the Bruce;2746462]What are you talking about ? I didn’t remove them.[/QUOTE]

You still have no clue what .nvc really is.


[QUOTE=chef;2748312]You still have no clue what .nvc really is.[/QUOTE]

No I don’t.