Their free version continues to work with weekly updates. But once you give them money, it all falls to pieces.

I wasted $49 yesterday, and the program wouldn’t copy the first DVD I tried, an old AC/DC dvd. It said it had CSS protection and for $24 more dollars it would fix it.

I then tried the PSP feature on some DVD files on my hard drive. 5 times it crashed because it won’t read from the hard drive, only from DVD.

It’s people like this that make you not want to pay for software. And of course there is no hope of getting my money back. I am going back to ripit4free, it works very well in conjunction with good old DVD Decrypter and is updated regularly.

Thanks to whoever told me about rip it. It’s the best.

Fentao, your history.

You know the issue you are complaining about is a known bug that has been identified in the latest release. From my experience it affects the free version as well as the paid version. They have already acknowledged it and intend to address it in the next release (hopefully soon). Also updates are generally released for the free version and paid version at the same time.

I would give it a little bit of time since you already paid for it…but that is just my 2 cents

First of all there’s already another thread on this subject. You could have posted there. Secondly, you make very stupid statements. As was already pointed out to you there is a problem with the latest version which is being addressed. I’ll bet $100 to your $1 that you don’t know what you’re doing and there’s nothing wrong with the software. If that was the case how come me and thousands of others using this program don’t have a problem? Have you also considered there may be something wrong with your computer or burner or there may be a conflict with another program? If you would have given members of this forum and the author of the program a chance to respond to your problem a solution may be found. But instead you chose to “shoot your mouth off” and insult the intelligence of members of this forum as well as the integrity of the author. Furthermore, if you were happy and got perfect results from other sofware you were using why did you buy DVDFab? That sounds very stupid to me.

That is why they offer a free trial, so you will know that it will do what you want it to do. I am talking about the trial of full version of commercial version, not the free DVDFab Decrypter. Many companies offer toned down versions and/or less time. In 30 days a person should be able to make an informed decision, but also have to remember the sites that sell fake copies that cause many problems.


Also - If you only bought it yesterday you haven’t really given anyone the chance to try and help you :doh:

Hey Guys

We all know how great the program is :bigsmile:
Just like most programs there are bugs to be worked out and Fengtao does a very goog job :clap:
I think those who make remarks like the ones in the last few days are just trying to get their money back and still be able to use the program, or maybe just want to see how much they can get others upset.
I for one will not respond to them if they can ask for help first before they make such remarks :bigsmile:


I agree Tim, thats the whole reason we have a platform. It is to help users get the most out of their software and maybe learn something along the way. If the OP doesn’t want our help, then there is nothing we can do. I am sure Fengtao will work this out, in fact I am positive of it.:iagree:

Hi smegma11,

I think you downloaded the Non-CSS version which cannot copy CSS protected DVDs.

Please download CSS version at and your problem will be fixed.

BTW, what do you mean “and for $24 more dollars it would fix it.”? Does someone want to charge you for something?

Best Regards,

It seems as though you have done something wrong or else don’t know what you are doing, ask for help first, I run Platinum myself V and have had no problems whatsoever regardless of which movie I back up. It is a very good program and I even use cheap disk with no problem either, I hope you can get it to working as it is a very good program