Save tracks - Output File Format Problem

I have installed the latest versions of all Nero 6.0 programs.

I am unable to select any Output File Format from the drop down list in the Save Tracks dialog box. In fact, if I attempt an audio CD to mp3 conversion, it creates mp3 files at 80bps. The drop down list of the Output File Format shows all the normal selections plus mp3Pro which I have registered. I have used this function many times and it has worked fine before, but I’m not sure where along the upgrade path the problem first appeared.

Anyone else having this problem or have a fix for it?



After further investigation, the problem is reading the cd, not a Nero fault. The CD is Toby Keith, Shock’n ya’all. It has video content & windows Explorer can’t see the .WAV files. Nero can get the CDDB info, but for some reason causes the output format problem. Still looking for fix…

I am having the same difficulty with a different cd, have any clue as to what is causing this issue?