Save this file!

I have this AVI file that I burned onto a CD with Nero. Now, sometimes (not always) I go to play it, it hangs. Don’t know if it’s a corrupted AVI or there’s physical defects on the CD.

-Tried to make an image using NERO (ignoring bad sectors); it goes up to 18% and then cranks forever with no success.

-Tried to recover it with ISOBuster…same outcome…goes up to 18% and then works away for hours w/o any further progress.

-CDRoller did nothing! Read the disk the first couple of times; now doesn’t even recognize it.

  • Dragging and dropping to the Desktop is also not successful.

Do you guys have any suggestions, please? It’s STRANGELOVE…it’s well-worth saving :slight_smile:

could you just re-download it?

Unfortunately, I can’t find it anymore. And even if I could, I don’t think it’s be practical to d/l it…Last week, I was at home using RR and getting net d/l speed of 300+ kbytes/s. Now, I’m in fukin’ thrid-world country (for the next three months) where broadband means 3 kbytes/s…UGH!

Lets just not forget before the discussion goes nay further that any discussion of downloaded copywrite material is NOT tolerated here.

Next time I would suggest you use better quality CDR’s and burn at a lower speed. Bin what you have.