Save the internet



Again a miserable attempt to put more restrictions on how we may use the internet…read this:

“They” want us more and more to act like sheep while watching us from their ivory towers…:Z


I already tried saving the internet… but my hard drive ran out of space!


I already read the whole internet, its the updates that have me tired. :wink:

Maybe we should boycott the movie industry, they sure are making it more difficult watch their movies, my son went to the local Cinema to see a movie with a date, by the time they got out of the movies he was over 40.00USD poorer. I think they are being very selfish and should be boycotted, if no one went to see these movies they would be begging us to download them and give them a chance.:slight_smile:


Maybe we should boycott the movie industry.[/QUOTE]

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work any more. There are way too many sheeple in the world. Any time something new comes out, the lines are miles long to get an item they don’t really need and will pay double the amount for, versus waiting a few months to get.

If people would wake up and collectively act, the movie industry, electronic industry, motor vehicle industry, even the governments, could get a very real wake-up call and realize people are tired of it. But…too many are either in a dream world or asleep.