Save money due to Circuit City's demise

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Circuit City’s ongoing downfall now offers North American shoppers another chance to save a couple extra dollars before Black Friday in a couple of weeks. The company recently filed for…

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God help us if Bestbuy is the only game in town. I was saddened when Compusa went out of business in my area and now Circuit City. Bestbuy has always had problems with customer relations in my area. It seems most of the Sales Associates have the impression that it is a privilige to be shopping their establishment. This is not including their so called Geek Squad. Don’t even get me started on those guys…

I really never had any problems with Circuit City back when the company was in business and was actually useful. Customer support wasn’t stellar, but at least their sales people didn’t seem as intrusive as other stores.

I preferred to shop at Circuit City because I never had sales people following me around the store trying to sell me something they know nothing about (sort of like Best Buy).

Without Circuit City, I will just have to travel a bit further to go to my local Fry’s Electronics, which remains my favorite electronics store right now anyway.

The deals aren’t that good… at my local store it’s only 30%… BUT they jacked up prices on many of the items… very slick. Though, the only real things that were moving were stuff like TV stands (for which they get an “extra” negotiated discount…or cheap prepaid cell phones and the like… not to mention, the main staff were either fired or quit… probably replaced by temps, though in this economy every scab work dollar earned counts towards the next time $5 gas rears it’s ugly head.

Circuit City earned this bankruptcy through its own bad choices. A drying up of credit in recent months will do in the company. You’d be much better off waiting until a schlock liquidator buys out all the Circuit City stock and resells it at a profit. Not to worry… probably a BJ wholesale, Costco or Sams Club, will pick up the slack (big box membership clubs) in cherry picked areas.

Circuit City is using the same liquidation company as CompUSA. As tmc noticed, they jack the price up before putting it on clearance. Even if you think you’re getting a deal, you’re probably not.

Just like Water Beds Emporium going out of business sale. They always have advertisements every month. But 8 years later, they are still in business.

Totally agree with you 100%. I’ve personally had problems returning stuff to them…always want to hassle. Plus I had a friend who’s dad bought him a laptop for Christmas (bought it at end of Nov), and then on Christmas when he opened it, it wasn’t working. So he went to return it, and even though Best Buy claims to have a “longer return christmas policy”, it so conveniently doesn’t cover computers. So he had to pay $60 to have geek squad fix it for him. Screw Best Buy.

Did they announce another batch of stores closing. Last I saw it was well under half the stores that went to liquidators. And from reports I heard, the “liquidation” prices were higher than the current regular or sale prices at the CC stores that weren’t immediately closing.

No, they are closing about 1/3 of the stores. However, since the closure announcement, they have filed chapter 11 for protection from creditors. Making a move like that prior to Black Friday is kinda radical as folks will be afraid to drop any serious cash. So, we can guess they are in deep kimshee. I also read that they are upset with the IRS and say that Uncle Sam owes them about 80 million dollars in tax refunds! That is quite a bit of change. Who knows what is true…

They are closing? what?

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