Save Me Please! (im Sooo Lost)



Im so lost when it comes to burning DVD’s. I am a ROOKIE. My laptop comes with a DVD burner, but I think there’s something more to it, cause I try to burn copy’s but I struggle with the copy protection. I just want to know whats the BEST software that handles copy protection. Are there any Free ones to download or is it simply better to invest. Again, I am a rookie so Im looking for software that is extremely dummy proof. Simple as putting in original, copying, and burning. (Hopefully its that easy) Also if u could… What brand DVD’s do you guys recommend buying for BEST picture quaility and What type DVD’s work BEST on most all DVD players that wont kill my pocket… Please help me with any GREAT information, I have been looking to do this hobby for a long time, but have been searching for help in all the wrong places. Thank You n God Bless.


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