Save/export artwork as jpeg

Hi there - I have created CD artwork using CD-LabelPrint Version 1.3.0 and need to save it as a jpeg…does anyone know if this is possible?

thanks Dominic

Hi Dominote and welcome to the forum.

Yes you can.

Under “File” look for “save as image” and click it

In the dialogue box select “JPEG”


thanks very much for your response…sadly I am on a Mac (I don’t usually say that!) which doesn’t give me the option to save as an image…I can’t open the file in any other program either…oh dear, what to do?

LOL…buy a PC? :bigsmile:

Ok…I think the only other option then is to get the image as large as possible on your monitor and do screen shots…save the image then but carefully set the size (resize in Photoshop or similar) so you don´t lose quality.

many thanks again!!

You could also print the image on plain paper at the highest resolution your program allows. Then scan the image using a scanner to scan the image and save as a JPG. Photoshop supports this for just about any PC (or MAC) connected scanner.

thank you Joseph