Save DVD as a "image" file (ISO)

Can “DVDFab” save a DVD as a “image” file (ISO). If not, they should. Like “DVD Shrink”.



Yes, several ways. Reads them also. See the feature description. The only things Shrink can do that Fab can’t now are: re-author from multiple sources (and that, according to DVDFab’s author, will be available soon in a beta), preview with audio, and (I think)compression with adaptive error compensation.

And how do we do this? SO far its only saving in a folder that has the Audio and Video TS.

I would like to save it as just one ISO file.

Any ideas?

If I remember right Audio_TS and Video_TS are the 2 Folders that show up in an ISO. Audio_TS Folder is empty but there to increase the compatibility because some players expect to see it before they will play the movie. All the data is in the Video_TS.


Hi chuna and welcome to cdfreaks.

I’m not sure which application you’re using, but I believe the navigation for what you ask is the same. On the opening screen, note the “source” and “target” drop down menus (top of the screen). To the right of each, you’ll see two icons…the icons just to the right are the dvd folders you’re already using. The icons on the far right (image of a disc with a page overlay) are the .ISO icons.

So to rip to an .ISO image, simply click the .ISO icon to the far right of the “source” drop down and choose a location.
Similarly, to burn an .ISO file, click on the .ISO icon to the far right of the “target” drop down and brose to the correct file.

Hope this helps.


Does anyone know a player for ISO files besides VLC. Seem hard to find. :sad:

An ISO file is an exact image of the DVD. In other words, it’s a series of tracks that represent what data is on the DVD, track for track. So in that sense, every player plays ISO files after they have been transferred to DVD media.

There is software that will mount an ISO file as a virtual disk in your OS, and perhaps that is what you are asking about. Try performing a Google search on virtual DVD drives and see how that works.

Yup, I simply use vlc, but you can install Virtual Clonedrive or Daemon-tools and create a virtual drive as fchateau suggests…

Probably hard to find because the demand is low. DVDShrink, which is free, will open and play ISO files in its preview window, which can be small or full screen. Be careful where you download this if you don’t already have it. Their forum has safe download links. The software and the download are free, some scammers on the net and ebay (big surprise) are charging for it.

Thanks all for the answers on playing ISO. I will check! :bow:

UltraDVD from fengtao SW will play ISO.