Save backups as iso or files?



I just got a dvd burner and I’m new to working with video. I’m playing DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter (and a bit with Smart Ripper).

If I want to save back ups of the DVDs is it better to rip them to iso files or to video files (vobs, ifos) and save them that way?


I burn as dvds so I can use them in a standalone. If that isn’t a concern then burn either way. I think the more important issue is burning on good media with minimal errors.


If the DVD doesn’t require shrinking then I just rip to ISO and burn with DVD Decrypter :slight_smile:


I’m new to this but it looks like when you burn an iso image to disk it put all the files back on the disk anyway. Seems like savint the files could give more options in the future. Even so, I guess i can always use something like iso buster to pull the files back.


Since you’re new to working with video I’d suggest you get into the habit of using an ISO image to work from. Reasons being:

  • you’re not at risk of accidently altering any of the original files because they’re mounted on a virtual drive and thus read-only
  • because they’re on a separate drive they won’t be confused with processed files
  • if you decide to progress onto more advanced backup methods, ISO images are required for full functionality of certain utilities
  • may prevent bad habits like altering DVD structure to remove title screens, copyright notices etc. (a bad idea resulting in umpteen “disk won’t play: what did I do wrong?” posts)




Is there any difference with a disk burned as from an iso image compared to a disk compiled with the files in something like Nero 6? Does the order I choose the files for burning change the disk structure?

If not I guess is the only advantage of saving as files is being able to play them on desktop without haveing to install virtual drive software. Of course I could alway extract the files with isobuster, etc anyway.



The only difference is the method involved. Using files on a hard-disk involves selecting the files required in the explorer window of Nero and dragging them to the VIDEO_TS of the DVD you are creating. With the ISO method, you click “Open Existing Compilation”, select the ISO file and it will bring up the burning dialog without any further steps.




That’s what I figured. Thanks.