Save As MP3 Option is Missing



I’ve had Nero on this system for a few years, and have never used it. Yesterday, I tried my hand at recording my own audio files…however, the WAV formate was too huge… it was explained what I needed to do in order to reduce the size, and that’s why I’m here…I downloaded, installed, and have used Windows Media Encoder - that along with the Nero Wave Editor v 1.0 that I already had…I recorded over two dozen files last night and this morning in the MP3 format - I also converted at least that many WAV files to MP3’s using Nero Wave Editor…now, for some reason, when I open a WAV file just as I have been doing, and attempt to “save as” the MP3 format is not an option any longer…if I record a new audio file and attempt to save it - the MP3 format is no longer available…does anyone know what may have caused this, and more importantly - does anyone know how to get it back? I appreciate you’re help.


try it this way: Nero burning Rom(click cancel on the new compilation window when it pops up)
3.Encode Files
5.Now choose your file format and options then go to town :bigsmile: