Save as JPEG

MS 98SE: When I scan or create a picture in paint, then want to save as jpeg, the dropdown from file does not have “jpeg file interchange Format” My other computer same windows 98se had that option. I know this should be an option, where is it? Thank you in advance

Has your other PC got the full install of Microsoft Office on it?
I don’t know which version it is (maybe any), but it the graphic plugins are installed then a few other microsoft apps can suddenly read and write other formats :).

To be honest Paint is a awful package to use and there are tons of free scanning and painting packages on the net that are a lot better.

Can you recomend any of those packages? Thanks

One good freeware package is Irfan View ( <–site was down when I went there but you can get it from

Infraview is great for manipulating your images, but if you want to create some pictures try GIMP for Windows .

thank you all for your advise, i will give these a try. thanks again

Paint Shop Pro by Jasc Software is a a great application that supports plugin’s. It’s not freeware by any means, but they do offer a demo. Dollar for dollar, if your willing to pay for a good image editor…it’s worth a look.

Also, not sure how to import this feature int MS/Paint…or why you would, but if you have IE installed, it aready supports JPEG as a file type, just use your browser instead of your MSPaint for viewing .jpg’s

Did you maybe encounter this:;en-us;299953


or this;en-us;230902