Saturation Control for Ati card?

My laptop’s graphics card is an Ati X700 with Hypermemory enabled. The catalyst drives don’t feature a color saturation control (even the latest version 7.1 which I installed today). Is there a third party software or modded drivers that can add such a feature both on 2D and 3D? Thanks in advance for any replies.

No replies… I suppose it’s not a feature supported by the hardware, which sucks. nVidia cards have been capable of digital vibrance for some years now, so I’m surprised that Ati haven’t caught up with a similar feature until very recently (Avivo). And then again, they haven’t made Avivo backwards compatible with older cards. This is an important feature for people with lower-quality monitors or with crappy laptop displays. I expected better from ATi…

Well at least on my videocard (X1950 Pro) with the latest 7.1 Catalyst drivers, you can go to the catalyst control center–>AVIVO Video–>All Settings, in this menu screen you will see a Saturation slider on the right hand side.

Avivo is not compatible with my X700, so I don’t have this menu. I half-hoped that I’d be able to add this option with a simple registry mod (like the one that enabled adaptive AA on older Ati cards), but with Avivo my hardware just doesn’t support it. Thanks Ati!

Uhm… you have that in CCC
AVIVO is only for overlay (video files), you can do the same with ffdshow.

There’s definitely no color saturation control for neither 2D or 3D within CCC on my Mobility X700. I googled for this issue and it seems that saturation contol is only available as a slider on the Avivo tab, and Avivo is only there for newer Ati cards…

In my Catalyst 7.1 control panel, Color settings are separated from AVIVO settings, so theoretically you should have color controls even if your card is not an AVIVO model.

Sorry if I misunderstood your question :flower:

Genno888 I do have Gamma, Brightness, and Contrast (just like your screenshot), but no Avivo tab. I do get a saturation slider under my regular (non-Avivo) Video tab, but obviously this doesn’t affect full screen 3D and that’s where my problem lies: My laptop screen is not very good color-wise when playing games. Colors in full screen 3D look washed-out so I hoped a saturation slider for 3d would remedy this. I was under the impression that Avivo settings apply to full screen 3D as well as 2D, but I now realize it’s only for video. So even if I had Avivo it wouldn’t make a difference…

Anyway, this will be a lesson to test-drive my next laptop and determine screen quality before buying… Thank you all for your input and advice.