Satellite TV system --what's needed

I’d like to get a minimal Satellite TV system just to receive free programes loke PBS, BBC. I just scrounged an old DIRECT TV Dish with 2 LBN, coaxial cables and their 'Huges" receiver" Are these enuff? Or do I need to buy a different Receiver?, What is the best model? Hi-Def is nice, but I’ll take anything , used equipment is ok.
Please Help. Thanks a million.

BBC in the states???

You have enough with your equitment. However if I were you.
I would call DIRECT T.V. and have them check to see if your installation
is correct. The reason is they have to activate a programming package,
and stick a little card into your receiver to pick up your channels.
BBC AMERICA, is a channel you can get with direct. Also lots of
P.B.S. channels. If you want them in HD. They will have install an
HD reciever.

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