Satellite To TV Hookup ? (Very Basic)

My elderly uncle has Dish Network. He just bought a flat screen TV from Wal-Mart, and says he has hooked everything up exactly the same way as it was on the old TV. However, he can only get channel 100. He’s out in the middle of nowhere, so there’s no local channel(s).

The only suggestions I could offer was to recheck the hookups, and to make sure that the input (signal source) in the TV menu was correct. I don’t have much more detail than that, sorry, and I confess I know nothing about satellite hookup.

This wouldn’t be a big issue, escept his wife is housebound because of a stroke, and depends on the TV during the day for company.

Can anyone be of assistance?

Has he tried contacting Dish Network Technical Support? Seems like the logical place to try first. My experience with them has been acceptable.

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