Any SATA users here?

Tomorrow I’ll receive WD 160 GB SATA disk and Abit IC7 mainboard and I need all informations on SATA controller (RAID). Do I need special cables for this thingy? Do I have to find special plugs for SATA on mainboard? Or do I just connect the disk with standard 80-wire IDE cable to the standard IDE controller on motherboard and they’ll communicate about SATA or not automatically?

This is essential for me, because I’m kinda out of the computer scene for three years now and I feel like total lamer.

Thanks to everyone!


SATA data cables are much smaller (7 wires, I think) and connect to the SATA ports on your mainboard. So if you do not have one, you will need one (for each sata drive). Depending on the drive and your PSU you may need a power adapter to connect the drive to the PSU. Check Western Digital’s web site for the details of your drive.

Good Luck!


WD usually comes with a data cable, power cable or adapter may be needed though.


hmm my wd raptor 74gb sata drive came with both the sata power connector and the molex connector.

so you might not need a power adapter (or a special power supply with SATA connectors. For your drive. On the other hand my Seagate 120gb SATA drive didn’t have the molex connector for power (but came with one), but i have the power connectors on my power supply.

As a general rule. If its an OEM drive your probably not gonna get the extra connectors, but if its retail they provide you with almost everything to connect.