Any rumors of SATA in the near future? Don’t really want to pay 125 for a Plextor but I need a SATA interface for a system I am building.

There have been rumors of SATA for a long time. It was originally expected for some time in 2004 (they even made test drives that were sent out), but there was never enough demand/interest in the market, so it kept getting pushed back. The same happened with the BenQ drives as well (remember their SATA drive display at one of those trade shows a long time ago?) There are always going to be rumors that SATA is “coming soon”, but ultimately, it’ll be market demand/interest that will dictate when it will come out, and predicting consumer preference is not easy.

Perhaps you can find PX-712SA for under US$100. Or, get a PATA-to-SATA converter.

Pay VERY close attention to what SATA controller you will be using. Even the Plextor will not work right on some of them. Consult Plextor for more information.