Sata woes

You probably have the wrong driver on the disc, or the wrong directory structure. If you are not using RAID, you need to use the non-RAID driver and disable RAID in the board BIOS. If you are using RAID, you will need to create the array in RAID BIOS before installing Windows.

This post helped me sooooo much. Thank you. I just saw the raid bios at the beginning of bootup and I pressed tab to get it. Now its installing the drives so hopefully it will work. Im doing a raid 1 config for data protection. Thanks again this made my day.

Great, now just make sure you have the RAID driver on your disc for Windows install. That package of stuff you downloaded also has a Windows RAID management utility you can install to monitor and manage RAID from Windows, but I recommend you use the BIOS for management.

This is what I put on the disk but it didnt work. Which one should I use?

what should I put on the disk out of that package?

Alright I got the right files on the disk but now they are causing unexpected errors with windows setup. This has been a nightmare! What should I do?

READ the Readme.txt in the file VT6420.EXE as it tells you how to install this stuff in XP and what files to put on a floppy.

Good old VIA chipsets. This will always happen with a VIA chipset and windows XP. A good way to confirm this is to try out one of the newer trial Linux OS’s that run from a CD, and you will see that they pickup your hard drive automatically.

I had the same problem with a Maxtor SATA drive and if you check their website you can get drivers for them. I would imagine it is the same with other manufacturers.