Sata woes

Man am I having problems on my current build.

This is my first time using sata hds in a build and I am having problems. I am using a biostar motherboard and yes it does support Sata. I have both hds plugged in and my nec burner plugged into the secondary ide slot. The bios however wont detect them. What do I do? The nec comes up fine.

check your bios most sata capable boards have different settings ie; mine has 3 1. Sata enabled Pata(IDE) disabled. 2. PATA enabled Sata disabled 3. Sata and PATA enabled. more than likely your sata is not enabled in the bios.

Do they show up in Windows or are you trying to install window onto them now?

I am doing a fresh install of windows xp pro on the machine.

Do you have the correct SATA drivers on a Floppy disk. When doing a new install onto a SATA drive you can press F6 during the initial startup of the setup program to load them and off you go.

Hmm it says its enabled. The raid controller is enabled and so is the sata. Yet when I say autodetect in the IDE config nothing comes up.

Unfortunately I dont have them since I ordered two oem sata drives. IS there a place I can get them?

The sata drivers come with the motherboard they are usually on a floppy. if you dont have it you should be able to download it from the BIOstar website.

You will need to go to either the Hard Drive website to get the drivers or the BIOStar website. I would think the hard drive manufacture though.

Download and then probably unzip onto a floppy disk and then load when asked.

The F6 button option will come up on the blue (I think) bar at the bottom of the install screen. Press when asked and then insert disk and load.

Hey Presto working SATA drives with windows.
I dont know which one.

Is this it?


download and then extract to an easily found folder and then look under the vt6420>driverdisk>raid folder and copy the the Winxp folder to a floppy. Then when you install XP do the F6 and it should come up with a screen listing of available drivers.

Then when you finally get to the what drive to install to it should show that drive.

Even if bios isn’t recognizing that the drives are there?

Shouldn’t make a difference. If windows finds it then it will work. :slight_smile:

Alright let me try it. Lol I have to move a floppy over to this comp from an old clunker. I hate floppies.

So does everyone in this world now. I currently only have one. MS Windows 98 Boot Disk.

When do I press f6? It may sound stupid but I tried when it told me in the beginning but it kept chugging along installing other crap.

On the very bottom of the setup window where the writting comes up it will appear. If you get a choice to select a hard drive you ahve gone to far.

It will say something like “To install SCSI or Raid drivers press F6 now”.

One other note, if a RAID function is enabled in BIOS, you will need to enter the RAID controller BIOS at bootup to create a RAID array in order for any drive to be seen. If you want the drives to be seen separately as normal drives, disable the RAID controller. Usually, you will need a different driver for normal SATA vs SATA-RAID.

That didnt work. I pressed f6 It came to a screen where it said to insert disk press s. I did that. Then it said insert manufacturer’s setup disk and whatnot to install the raid stuff. I did that but it did not like my disk. It kept giving me that prompt. The disk works and everything so I dont know what the deal is.