SATA with Lightscribe?

Hi, could anyone recommend a SATA burner that also has lightscribe support and burns as well or better then the Benq 1655? I had to RMA mines cause it wouldn’t do lightscribe anymore but the burns were still good. Thanks

Okies so far I’ve found these drives are SATA and have Lightscribe support.

Asus DRW-1814BLT


Lite-ON LH-20A1L-06

Samsung SH-S183L

Does anyone know of any others that support at least 18x burning of regular DVD-R/DVD+R media, please list them? I’m going to be mainly using Value Line 8x -/+R TY, 8x -/+R Premium TY, 16x -/+R Value/Prem TY, 16x +R MCC04 Verbatim and 16x -R Verbatims most of which are of the inkjet printable kind. I know I asked for Lightscribe support even though I’m mainly going to be using inkjet printables but I still have a bunch of lightscribe discs that I want to use from past deals.

I probably won’t go with the Samsung as I’ve been reading about the -R lead in problems and don’t want to deal with that. So if you have any other suggestions besides the above four, please list them here, thanks.

I like my LG H62L over my Samsung 183L. The others…well i don’t have those. If you need quality scanning go with the Lite-On.

Hey, you have a Samsung 183L, does it have the lead in problems with DVD-R like others had? What firmware is your 183L? Thanks.

I like the H62L, and one of the reasons I was considering it was based on many of the posts you had in the thread on the LG H62L :slight_smile: . The problem is that it is only available at Best Buy and none of the ones near me have it, I don’t want to pay shipping :slight_smile: and would like to use the rewards zone coupon floating around.

I was thinking about the Lite-ON but didn’t see too much info on it while searching threads.

Anyone have any other suggestions of burners besides the above? Thanks. I forgot to mention it should have bitsetting support.

SB01 and no problems with lead in. I have some problems with older media you cannot buy anymore.

If bitsetting is a must then don’t get the Sammy. The LG will need a warranty voiding f/w i believe (Buffalo). I have no need for bitsetting.

I didn’t know neither of those drives did not support changing of the booktype, thanks for the info.


the Samsung does support bitsetting, at least if Nero or ImgBurn are used. No problem there.


I was thinking i tried using those 2 on my S183L but maybe i haven’t :doh: If i get time later i will try them out. Does it permanently set it or temporarily set it after rebooting?

I used ImgBurn and burned a disc. Here’s results. I haven’t rebooted yet so i don’t know if it stuck.


I set the booktype option in Nero to “Automatic” (set and forget). My last disc was a DVD+RW burned with ImgBurn, and the booktype was DVD-ROM. I am sure, I didn’t play with the settings in ImgBurn.
So the setting seems to be permanently, but I am not sure if it is controlled by the applications I am using (Nero and ImgBurn only).


So the SH-Samsung 183L does support bitsetting? I might get that then since rolling56 didn’t seem to have any lead-in problems. Thanks

No the S183L never had a lead in problem that i know of unless SB00 had problems. They don’t release any f/w for much yet though. It’s up to you on buy one.

Yes it has LS.

I know that their hasn’t been a confirmation about the S183L having the lead in problem, but I’ve been reading about so many other models of Samsung drives that did so I was a bit weary about purchasing one. I was glad to hear that you and one other person who owned a S183L didn’t have lead in problems. I knew about it having lightscribe already but thanks for the reconfirmation. Thanks again for your help

That’s about all the advice i can give you. If you can get one from a store so you can take it back easier that would help. That way you won’t have to pay restocking fees and postage.