Hi Guys,

I’m gonna be buying a new Liteon for a new PC project and have just realised we now have SATA DVD drives…yes i’m lagging behind.

Is there any benefit of a SATA over IDE ??

Does it present more problems with set up or does it configure just as easy as IDE?

Any recomendations??

Thanks in advance for any input.

I’m using both IDE and SATA drives and the advantages I see of SATA is the thinner data cable
and seems like to me the SATA drive has a little better data transfer/write rate. I get better
buffer levels on the SATA drive so I never get big drops in the buffer level even when writing at
20x speed it always stays at the 98-99% full level. :wink:


No jumpers and thinner cables.
But sometimes compatibility issues with SATA controllers, their drivers or their BIOS settings.

Any recomendations??
If your mainboard has native IDE controllers, stick with P-ATA. On many brand new Intel based mainboards, SATA is the only way to go.


not completly true , some oem motherboards (made for companies selling prebuilt-pcs such as dell) are manufactured without IDE on purpose for reducing costs , all current chipsets for intel & amd aswell provides at least 1 native IDE (nvidia 650i chipset for intel c2d even provides 2!) , so as long as the person builds the pc/buys the motherboard himself its guranteed to have at least 1 IDE

Seems you have been away on a long journey easterbunny. As example of one of the current Intel chipsets (*965) with ICH8, only [I]mobile[/I] version [I]can[/I] support IDE natively, linky

No, Intel adds JMicron IDE crap for you. :bigsmile:

whatever , that PDF is technical to the extreme could hardly understand it plus when i searched for IDE in it i didnt find anything that confirms your claim but i did confirm it another way by looking at specs of 965 based mobos, your right but i think thats the only chipset without native IDE , anyway native/non-native as long as its there why care too much (some jmicron IDE controllers support opticals)

Ok thanks guys,
So the answer is possible speed gain, but chance of more setup issues, am i right?

Pretty much but not really speed gain. More with the mobo issues. Look at you mobo manual and see what it say’s about SATA ODD’s. I’m not familiar with your mobo. Also if you can find one you want in a store to try and see how it installs/burns would be a good idea if you are going to order online.

Go with the broadband cables!! Serial communication are so 80ies.

Well not really a burning speed gain, as it will take about the same amount of time to burn as an IDE
drive would take. Where you would notice the most gain is with the smaller cable and better air flow
in your case and better buffer levels at higher speed burning. Now as for the setup issues that would
be a hard thing to tell before hand, with my SATA drive I just plugged it in and started burning but I’m
using the NF4 Nvidia mobo chipset that could be a completely different story with your mobo though so
there’s only one way to find out and that is try it and see what happens. :wink:

Other posible advantage is that on each sata drive you may copy or write the same time, on an IDE controller doing this - reading from slave drive while writing to the master for example - is going to collide the transfer and interrupt the writing and slowing the reading.

Technically not exactly right. 1 chip controls most SATA ports, unless ya got a 2 SATA controllers thus it deals time for each device. Same result as having it on a separate IDE channel even thou its the same chip (except for some newer IDE controllers)