Sata!scsi controller

ciao a tutti, sono nuovo spero mi possiate aiutare.
ho aggiunto un secondo hard disk sata,il primo è ata bios lo vede ma windows no!

immagino debba istallare i drivers sata della scheda madre che so si fa dal floppy durante l istallazione xp premendo F6.

Naturalmente mi piacerebbe non dover reistallare il tutto e aggiungere se possibile questi famosi driver.
qualcuno mi sa aiutare??? :cool:

hi i’m update my pc with a hard disk sata maxtor diamond 9 160gb.the first HD is an ata bios can see but instead windows can’t see the new hardware.

i imagine i should install drivers scsi for mother board during the installtion of XP pusing F6.

i like not to reistall XP…is it possible added these drivers scsi controller in the system???

please help me !!
thanks :cool: :cool:

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Hi :slight_smile:
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If you have windows running. You can in fact install the drivers for your new drive from windows. Once you have done this you’ll need to format drive. Again this can be done while still in windows.
If you end up having to do a clean install then you will have to use the f6 key etc.
Good luck.
Edit: Just returned to edit as I realised with 1 drive you shouldn’t need drivers But chef has already been down that route. If the drive isn’t visible as it’s new, just format.

SATA has nothing to do with SCSI. There is serialSCSI, but surely you don’t have such equipment.
Just install the sata drivers now if the OS hasnt already installed them.
[B]Make sure SATA is enabled in the BIOS setup.[/B]

Hi [B]paledo[/B], - it sounds like you’re adding the new SATA drive for data/storage and keeping your existing Windows drive. There’s no need for a floppy/F6 driver installation in this case. Usually it works fine with the SATA driver included in Windows (alternatively, you may want to check for a special SATA driver for your motherboard/chipset).

What you need to do first is go into Administrative Tools - Disk Management and 1. initialize, 2. partition and 3. format the new drive to make it accesible in Windows. Good luck!