SATA/RAID vs IDE Advice please

Following excellent helpful advice from this forum I now have a stable PC and have decided not to replace it just yet. With all four IDE channels taken (3 x Hard Drives and 1 x DVD Durner(Secondary Slave) I have added an ALi SATA/RAID PCI card and SATA Hard Disk for extra storage. The card also has an IDE connector and according to the difficult to understand instructions you can RAID mixed IDE and SATA devices connected to the card. The card and new WD120 MB drive are working fine.

My question is would I get any performace increase from moving any of my old drives, or the DVD Burner, to the PCI card and setting up a RAID and if so should this be RAID0 or RAID1? All my PCI slots are full so am I right in thinking that the load on the PCI bus would outway any benefit? The new SATA drive doesn’t seem to be much faster than my old PCI drives.

Thanks for any advice.

AMD3200 Athlon with VIA chipset MoBo

RAIDing your drives will gain nothing, unless you want to do a RAID-1 for mirroring which will give you security, or JBOD which will give you a larger volume. Any drives connected to a RAID array should be identical drives, so your setup won’t work too well in RAID. SATA drives are not faster than IDE anyway, and neither is RAID-0 unless you have SCSI or Raptor drives.

It would be benificial for you to move the one HD off the MB IDE and let the DVD have it’s own IDE channel. DO NOT attempt to put the DVD on the PCI card.

Thanks for that. I’ve moved the Secondary Master HD to the card and made the DVD master as you advise. All working well.