SATA raid issue win 2003

Been trying to install a win 2003 server on a my ASUS P4C800-E motherboard with Intel 875P chipset, two MAxtor HD’s RAID 1 config. Probby: BIOS recognizes drives, RAID utility tool works great, pressed F6 to load windows raid driver config from boot CD, loaded Intel Asus SATA drivers from disk, all ok there, but when Windows setup loads to install it recognizes no Hard Drives… I read a post before on this forum with similar problems (answ: scan80269), hoping you could give me a hint, thx a mill.

It could be one stupid thing which hasn’t been checked (haven’t found it) yet : the aopen case only provided IDE power cables for the HD’s, no SATA power cables… got the right motherboard SATA dataconnectors but no SATA powerconnectors… Could it be just that ? (although BIOS and RAID utility respond well…? )

funka-zz, do you realize that your posting in a Plextor forum?? I don’t see that your problem is related to Plextor dvd burner… or did I missed something?

Anyway, I use W2k3 for my server and it’s very picky on hardware. W2k3 cannot detect few of my hardware including my ethernet controller. I had to buy a new one that supports W2k3.

I do realize that ! It’s just that I foud a very similar thread on this same forum, that’s why thepost here … thx for the tip !

I have an ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe motherboard running WinXP with a pair of Maxtor SATA HDs in RAID 1 mode. This motherboard has a total of 4 SATA connectors, 2 attached to the Intel ICH5R chipset southbridge, another 2 attached to a Promise RAID controller chip. Assuming you want to use Intel RAID, you need to make sure your HDs are connected to the correct SATA connectors.

In BIOS setup, under “IDE Configuration” within the “Main” screen, the “Onboard IDE Operate Mode” should be set to “Enhanced Mode”, “Configure S-ATA as RAID” set to “Yes”, “Serial-ATA BOOTROM” set to “Enabled”. You can also hit CTRL-I during powerup to enter the Intel RAID Configuration Utility to verify that a RAID Volume has been properly created from your SATA HDs.

The floppy diskette generated by the “F6 Floppy Installation Utility” should have the files iastor.inf, iastor.sys and present.

Also, update your P4C800-E motherboard BIOS to the latest available, if you haven’t already done so.

Some Maxtor SATA HDs can be powered by either the old-style 4-pin power connector, or the 15-pin SATA power connector. It should not matter which type of power connector is used, as long as one of them is hooked up properly.