SATA Problems

Hey everyone,

My brother got a new computer for christmas and we are trying to set it up. It came with no operating sysetm installed, and we’re having trouble installing it. It starts up and loads all of these files at at the bottom, then asks you to press enter to continue installation, and when I do, it says that no hard drives were detected. I have an SATA hard drive in there… but haven’t done anything to install it. Do I have to do this before it will work? What do I have to do?


P.S I’m trying to install Windows XP.

As soon as the Windows CD boots, you will need to hit F6 and have a driver floppy ready for the SATA controller.

Oh are you absolutely positive that this would fix it? Do I just hit F6, put in the disk and it takes it from there? Oh, and where would I get the drivers to put on the floppy disk?

SATA drivers are usually located on the motherboard Driver CD. Browse through this there should be a folder with SATA drivers. copy these onto a floppy

I recently put together a new computer for my friend and he ordered all the parts off of newegg. No floppy and a SATA HD. Well it didn’t hit me until I started putting it together for him. Neither of us own a floppy drive or have any floppy discs. So I’m running XP setup and it won’t detect the HD and it won’t load drivers off of a cd or dvd (why the hell it doesn’t is retarted to begin with, Microsoft is stupid for making it floppy only). Anyway, his mobo has 4 ports for SATA, 2 next to the processor and two down towards the bottom.

Well I had it on the bottom 2 first and of course no detection. Then I got the bright idea to move it to one close to the processor, and voila! XP setup detects it and formats and installs.

Ok, wtf, why would install to it there, but not on the other two ports? Stupid XP setup.

because they are non raid so they do not require a driver OS setup detects them just like an EIDE.

the mobo I have recently purchased came with 4 sata raid and 4 regular master and slave sata channels. See if you mobo has the same option, if it doesn’t you will have to install 3rd party drivers at OS setup by pressing f6 like someone mentioned in an earlier post, but if you do have 4 or 2 non raid sata channels just connect the cable to the master channel, and you should be set… good luck.

Not really, WinXP (esp SP2) have support for some SATA controllers so that might be the answer but otherwise they’re not compatible with generic PATA controller drivers. They still need a driver.

Check the motherboard BIOS to ensure that the SATA controller is Enabled. You do not need to hit F6 to install drivers. I’ve built numerous machines with SATA HD’s and have never had to install drivers to install XP. Also, double check that the HD is plugged into the SATA 1 plug. Good luck…

I’m looking in the motherboard manual right now. There are 4 SATA things altogether. There are two called SATA1 and SATA2 which are stacked on top of eachother, closer to the processor and the other two are called SEC_SATA and PRI_SATA. Those ones are farther from the processor and are right next to eachother. I think right now it is plugged into SATA1. I was up all last night trying to figure this out but couldn’t. When I hit F6 to load the drivers nothing happened. It just continued with the set up. I’m going to go look for a CD with drivers on it…

use the PRI_SATA

you’re right but xp OS has all it needs to support the non raid sata controller
which in his case would be the primary and secondary.
yeah the PATA drivers won’t work since it is a diff controller uses the 40 pin IDE data cable .