Sata Problem? Help!?

I found this site not too long ago and have liked what I’ve been reading. I just built a new machine about a month ago. I’m running a ABit Fatal1ty AA8XE motherboard, 1gig ddr2 ram, 3.0ghz p4 hyperthreaded,
SATA 160gb WesternDigital HD, and a SATA Plextor PX-712SA DVDR Drive.

I’ve been trying to get good rips and burns of my dvd movies for quite some time but with NO luck! DVD Shrink gives me constant Cyclic Redundancy errors, Decryptor gives me read errors, and when using other software such as XCopy the burns freeze up and are worthless. At this point I should go into the coaster business.

At this point I dont know what to do. This is my first system with SATA and am not sure if I have something setup wrong. I notice that everytime I read form a dvd the harddrive light goes crazy or stays solid. I have the harddrive plugged into SATA connection 2 on the motherboard and the plextor drive plugged into SATA connection 1. I left the hardrive jumper alone, set to master (i believe). Another thing I’ve noticed is that when I go into device manager (running windows xp sp2) the drive is a px-712a (shouldnt it be 712-(s)a ?).
In the bios I have the sata set to IDE mode, i am not running RAID, only have one harddrive. I have done firmare updates and bios updates. Someone PLEASE help!!! Do i have a bad drive? or do i need a lesson in SATA?

try swapping your hard drive and burner your hard drive should be on sata 1. sata drives do not require jumpers since there is no master\slave protocol with sata devices.

Should I remove the jumper from the hard drive ?

if you WD drive has a jumper then it isnt a true( native) sata drive it’s and IDe drive that uses a sata converter. Drives that use a native sata interface ( seagate) dont have jumpers. and yes I would remove the jumper.