SATA Pioneer DVD burners?

I’m looking to replace my Pioneer 108 with another Pioneer. The 108 has about 500 DVDs on it, and I can see with DVDInfoPro that the burn quality is slowly starting to degrade (Taiyo Yuden media).

So, I want a nice new 111D, but I want a SATA drive. My case is a server case, and I need long IDE cables but I’d rather have a nice neat SATA one. Pioneer don’t make SATA DVD burners, but has anyone tried SATA adaptors with Pioneer drives? You can get them on eBay for under a tenner.

Rumour has it the last dvd drive from pioneer (the DVR-112) will have a sata model but that is just a rumour right now. Nothing has seen the light yet.

others news from this 112 ?

Interesting, thanks. I guess no-one knows when it is likely to be out.

500 copies … your burner should be able to this without a glitch - perhaps its a bad batch of TY?

I did some more testing, and it’s the reading side of the burner that is suffering. If I test the burns in a 110 on another machine with DVDInfoPro, they are fine. On the 108, it can generally read them fine but the PIO errors get very high. It used to be okay, it’s only in the last month it’s gone that way. I tried chaning the IDE lead just in case…

Well the pioneer isn’t the best scanner, so I’m not sure the result are helpfull for you. A liteon or a plextor would be the way to go when scanning, or an old Benq(1620).

other rumors is that pioneer will stop making drives, and use panasonic technology, instead of making their own

current pioneer drives are based on NEC, next (112) could be OEM Panasonic drive.

I would consider the drives to be inferior to their current if that is the case no? I can’t imagine the firmware being anywhere near as tuned or producing as good of results as the current pioneer burners. I don’t think options like ram and bitsetting will be present either, even through other manufacturers firmwares. If that is the case then Buffalo will be using panasonic drives as well yes?

panasonic supports dvd-ram

actually yes, that was a stupid thing to say as I believe panasonic actually own the rights to dvd ram correct? Was just writing without thinking earlier.