Beeing a new cdfreak I had not the time to check all forums and threads and I would like to have some information about the following (in case there is already some similar topic please let me know) :

  1. I have an LG GSA-H50LRBB Burner. Is there any review about this burner ?

  2. I have seen various reviews about specific burners, but I have not seen any comparison review. Now that the new SATA Burners are already here it would be helpful (if we want to select a new burner) if we had a good comparison review (or a chart with PROS & CONS or Highs and Lows) lets say of the best 5 latest SATA burners with Lightscribe i.e.
    LG GSA-H55L, LG GSA-H62L, SAMSUNG SH-S183L, ASUS DRW-1814BLT or others that the good reviewers of this forum would pick up.

Thank you for your information about the above