I’ve currently got a Pioneer 110 which so far has been a great drive. However last night I tried to back-up a PS2 game, Call of Duty 3 but it didnt work properly. I think it could be the reading of the DVD that was the problem and couldn’t figure out how you worked Nero Drive Speed. The game plays fine but some of the cut scenes are really juttery :frowning:

What new drives are out there that would be better than the 110? Would having a SATA DVD-RW and a SATA HDD make a difference in speed/quality?

Stick with IDE for the burner for now and I can’t see that SATA would make any difference in burning speed or quality.

There are still some Benq 1650 burners at PC World for £24.99 which are pretty good as is the Pio 111 or the latest Samsung or Liteons.

Ditto, but SATA has a faster transfer rate in the Toshiba 553. Burn times were my best yet even though the burn speed was not faster. Don’t ask me to explain why! Somehow the transfer rate is very important in the burn strategy.

sata other than the cables and power sonsumption there’s no performance increase since burners are 20x max where hdds hit 100mb/s or more. 20x burners only hit what like 29mb/s?

Good point!