SATA or IDE burner?


Is there any benefit in betting a SATA burner over IDE?


I think right now, I’d stick with IDE for compatibility reasons.

SATA should have the benefit of having each device on a dedicated channel - eventually - but there are still bugs to work out, it would seem.

Perhaps Vista will help make the transition easier. But performance-wise, I would not think you would lose much, if at all, by sticking with IDE for now.


it depends.
If you own a brand new computer with latest Intel chipset, then there is no native PATA connector. Some mainboard manufacturers add a PCI chip, that often do not support ODD correctly. In that case a SATA drive is the best choice.
Other advantage is easier installation:

  • no trouble with Master/Slave jumpers
  • SATA cables are nicer to handle than flat ribbon cables

The disadvantage: There are not much SATA drives on the market.


I bought a Samsung SATA to see if there was any benefit - I bought a sata card to upgrade an old PC - so it now runs a sata hard drive and a sata DVD writer. In practical terms I found no real advantage for the DVD but a significant improvement for the hard drive.


It’s not MS, it’s Intel that force SATA drives. Their brand new chipsets don’t offer any IDE connectors.
Other issues are with often crappy SATA controllers and drivers. Using working drivers, there is no problem even with W2k and SATA drives :slight_smile:

But performance-wise, I would not think you would lose much, if at all, by sticking with IDE for now.
:iagree: There is no difference in performance if you compare a SATA drive and its PATA brother. But unfortunately, there are more firmware updates for the PATA version than for the SATA drive yet.


I hear ya on some of those points. I bought a 500 gig SATA drive because it was cheap and I just needed some place to dump tons of files and I have an SATA controller on my motherboard.

The SATA drive benchmarks fine, but when initially accessing it, it sort of “pauses” and then once it snaps into gear, it goes like crazy, but I think there is some issue with the onboard PROMISE controller. I may try switching it over to the VIA controller and see if it works. It might not, but it’s no biggie, I can just switch it back.

All I really wanted to do was use it as a file dump, so it’s more about data transfer rate than access performance.

But I am a bit disappointed that it doesn’t work 100% perfectly and I’ll have to spend time tweaking. I had hoped it would be idiot proof, but it isn’t.

On a pure SATA system all my HDs and DVD burners outperform my IDE systems in transfer speed and overall burn times. Just no hacked FW for the SATA drives yet, but that will change at this forum soon. I agree with the advice above with an old system to stick with IDE for now. Yep, I was suprised to see no IDE outputs on the MOBOs. IDE had become legacy hardware at this point in time and the transition to SATA is complete. Even laptops have started the migration.