SATA Optical Drives opening/closing when on an Intel RAID Enabled Controller

I have this annoying situation when connecting a SATA Optical drive to an Intel ICH9 SATA controller with the RAID Matrix enabled. With the controller set to non-RAID, the issue does not occur.
I’ve tested this strange scenario with all LG and Pioneer drives.

The situation is that the Optical SATA drives have their trays opening and closing every 45 seconds or when the RAID Hard Drives are accessed on that controller. This appears to be common on only the ICH9 SATA Controller found on the ASUS P5K and P5E series mobo’s.

Does anyone know of a patch or fix to allow SATA Opticals to function on SATA RAID controllers? Either something for the OS (XP SP2) or firmware mod for the drives themselve.

Hi and Welcome!

Since RAID is for HDD, using a controller that is configured as RAID for optical drives is not a good idea at all.
So if you need RAID for your HDDs, then either check if you can configure a dedicated SATA port to non-RAID in BIOS or buy a controller card, preferably with Silicon Image chipset (in most cases, the BASE-Bios has to be loaded since most cards come with RAID-BIOS).


The Intel ICH9 detects optical drives and deals with them correctly.

I have a Lite-on 20x SATA drive connected to my ICH9 southbridge on a P5K Delux running with 3 500GB drive in raid 5 and have not seen this problem. Have you updated the drivers from Intel’s site?