SATA Optical drives list

Please list make/model of any SATA optical drives you are aware of…burners OR -ROM’s…I’m using them for ripping, so I really prefer to avoid the extra expense of a burner x4, 'cause that’s how many I’m going to need to purchase.

An example to start:

Plextor PX-716SA
(I figure I can probably get 4 DVD-ROMs for the price of 1 or 2 of these…)

although not sata per se, I’ve found this sata ide converter works with all liteons 5s and 6s, NEC 3550 and 4551, LG 4167 DJ13, samsung 162z, but does not work with benq 1655, px716a or pioneer 110.
I’ve yet to try with any dvd-rom drives, but I’m willing to bet that a liteon would work with it, since liteon drives are pretty umm… adaptable.
(I’ve finally fixed my nforce5 problems with sata atapi - it turns out installing the sata-ide drivers fixed everything; strange since the common answer for problems is to uninstall nvidia sata-ide drivers)

The Samsung/TSST SH-W 163A is a good SATA burner, cost me about €45.

NEC makes one for Dell boxes.

I purchased the SATA LG GSA-H30N on July 5th here in Seoul,Korea for about $59US.

It’s is presently only a boxed version with a light gray colored face.The black face from a bulk GSA-H10N fit perfectly except the LED is further back in the drive and the light gray face has a small clear plastic extention for the led that doesn’t fit on the black face.

See the specs on the link below.

The link in the post above doesn’t work so well.

Try statarting with this one and then clicking on DVD WRITER then on the GSA-H30N.

I can’t find the Samsung SH-W163A, the LG GSA-H30N, or any NEC drives with a SATA interface using Pricewatch. I’m guessing that’s because everything new and wonderful reaches the US market last. Blech. However, @ $15, that PATA-SATA converter is quite enticing. I’ve a number of IDE Lite-Ons, so that looks like it may be the solution I’m looking for; I’m thinking I’ll buy one to try it, even if it doesn’t work on any of my current hardware, it may come in handy down the road, and at $15, it’s not even a huge loss if it never works…but if it does, good F#@KING riddance ribbon cables & master/slave dependencies.