SATA on PCI controller

Am I correct in thinking that using a PCI SATA controller on a motherboard that isn’t SATA ready is only going to be as fast as the PCI bus speed?

I’ve read people have had good luck with them. Not sure about the speeds though. Someone will post i’m sure.

Yes, you are correct
The PCI bus is 2x as fast as SATA2 at its best

So at best it would be a transfer rate of 132kb/s on a PCI bus?

The pci bus delivers around 130MByte/s - not Kbits!

Here a link:

I know better, just had a senior moment. I have seen that page before, in fact it is the first page that shows when you google pci bus speed. What I keep reading though is that the maximum pci bus speed is 132MB/s, 4 bytes x 33MHz = 132MB/s.

something unclear?