SATA, Lightscribe and DVD-RAM

Hello everyone, first post.

I’m looking for a DVD+/-RW drive that supports Lightscribe, SATA and DVD-RAM. (20x max burning speed would be nice too)
Unfortunately, the Lite-On 20A1L/20A3L are not available here, neither are any BENQ drives :frowning:
So i guess I’m limited to 18x drives, which are:
Asus 1814BLT and Samsung s183L.
There is also the NEC 7173S, although it has Labelflash.
So which of these is the best?
Please reply soon, becouse this is kind of urgent.

bmn from Lithuania :slight_smile:

By the way, you can post other models with those features if you know any, and I’ll see if they are available.
Please reply :slight_smile:

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The LG GSA H62L supports all your required features but again it’s an 18X burner. Very fast reliable burner.

I have a question for you. What media are you going to use with what you end up buying?

Thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

I’m afraid the H62L isn’t available. This is my first DVD-burner, so I’m not sure what media I’ll be using, maybe Verbatim and such. What can you reccomend? Basicaly here’s what blank CD/DVD’s are on the market in Lithuania:


What about the Asus 1814BLT and Samsung s183L? Do they support scanning? How about the NEC 7173S?
There’s going to be only one drive, so it should burn AND read well, becouse I also have a lot of old CD’s that I’ll be needing to access once in a while. Scanning ability would be nice too, but the main thing is quality burning and reading.
If none of these are good, then here’s what’s available here:


Please, help me out :slight_smile:
Any help will be really appreciated!

I have the Samsung S183L and it’s an ok burner. I have not used it for reading/burning CD’s though. It only reads DVD’s at 12X as most people like 16X reading. It is a very good reader though for DVD’s. You can use a registry hack to make it scan with Nero. It will give you an idea how the burn went for DVD’s but not sure about scanning CD’s.

If you need scanning and only buying one drive it just really leaves you with getting a Lite-On 20A1S. I believe i saw one in one of your links.

I have no idea about the Asus or the NEC sorry.

You might want to look at this thread.

@bmn, get a Samsung SH-S183L as already mentioned by [I]rolling[/I]. :iagree:
16x read speed is not needed at all and scanning capabily is not of that much interest for beginners anyway. :slight_smile:

Off topic.
BTW rolling, can’t see anything of interest on last link of yours. Sure you provided right link. :wink:

Just another person looking for same info on some of the same drives is all. Seemed like a good idea at the time :doh: :bigsmile: